Friday, July 18, 2014

Making my home sing...

I wrote this out on the wall of a book club I am a part of and I decided I wanted to write it in my blog as well.

Making my home sing...

I read that (Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph, chapter 17) and knew this is something I need to figure out how to do again.

I know I have let hard things and disappointments get me down. Over the last two years I have struggled off and on with an old enemy from my past: depression and doubt. And a few weeks ago my husband and I had to lay a dream down , one that we thought God had put in front of us. And I found myself heart broken, feeling misplaced once more not knowing where I belonged and really confused by God. 

My children and husband always get the brunt of my battle.
What I see is how I have allowed my circumstances to have control over my attitude.
And I have struggled with praying and singing- two of my favorite things to do.
I want to make my home sing. I want to make it inviting to my neighbors and a place of refuge for my children and husband-not a place the dread coming home to.
My request from God this week is that He can help me not be afraid to sing and pray
in faith. And to remember my identity is not found in where do I fit at church, but fitting right with Him.
And that my children would see His beauty pour out of me and overflow onto them once more. 

I want my home to be a haven. It can't be perfect. But it can be a place that those around me find refuge in Jesus.
I have a book that I started almost two years ago that I choose to write three things to be grateful for and find joy from each day. So I am going to share a few things from this week.
1. A neighbor and a dad who jumps in digging clay holes in my front yard to plant beautiful hydrangeas in - and my neighbor even bringing his dirt to help my plants thrive.  (all my neighbors are really pretty much awesome)
2. Having so much extra cilantro and spinach and arugula that I can offer it to my neighbors to share
3. Getting to go shopping for clothes for my husband to find new ones that fit him after he has worked hard to lose weight

4. Watching Josiah pick off every single blueberry off one single bush when we went picking
5. Taking my girls on a five mile walk (with the back up stroller for the twins) so Nick could sleep in

6. My house cooling down below 70 yesterday to allow me to roast vegetables and bake a few things for the family
7. A double date night with Nick and my sister and her boyfriend

See when I choose joy, my heart is reminded of all the things He is already so faithful in. Just rereading all of the things in my journal reminded me of His beauty in the moments and makes me remember this is why I fight the demons that come and throw depression my way.
And why I don't let them win. Jesus is stronger than them.
Jesus may my heart sing and be sensitive to Your Holy Spirit on when and how to pray.

 Life can feel overwhelming. But we don't have to do this on our own.
 Let's walk with the King.

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  1. Great post, Kari. You are an encouragement to so many. Choosing joy is a daily battle for so many; you are not alone. Good thing we have the hope in knowing that this life is not our eternal home!