Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cinderella for a night...

Next weekend Nick and I have the gift of getting to fly down to LA for the weekend.  My amazing hard working husband has received an award from Intel, and there is an awards ceremony next weekend.   So Intel is flying us down and providing us with a car and a hotel room for the weekend and on Saturday night there will be a fancy dinner and an awards ceremony that we will attend. 

This last weekend, I was talking with Nick about how my Grandma had given me a little money to buy a dress for the dinner, but I had told her she had already purchased me an Easter dress.  So she told me to use the money to buy shoes.  Nick looks at me a little funny, and he says, "Kari you know this is a formal event, right?"  I blinked my eyes back at him, and asked, "what do you mean by that?" 

Upstairs to the closet we went, and I showed him my Easter dress, and my cute Mary Jane Cobb Hill shoes I planned to wear.  He told me, "Kari, that won't work."  And as we scanned through my selection of mom on the go dresses, he informed me that I needed to figure out a time to find a dress. 
With two weeks to go, that felt like a lot of pressure. 

But on Tuesday morning, I found one, and I felt like a princess.  I found sparkly gold shoes to match and some earrings...
I also felt funny about the price.  Nick said to get it, which I did.  But I also kept looking.  Online I found one for a lot cheaper, same style, and a darker color.  I asked him what he thought of it. 

My husband knows me well, always trying to find ways to save money and get the best deal, and he told me that he felt like I was settling if I got that dress, and that he really liked the other one. 
I told him I would be fine with either one, and he told me, "Kari, I don't want you to go buy that other one 'behind my back' just to save money.  I like the one you have." 

I was still struggling with it, because both would be fine to me, but every time I thought about ordering the other dress, his words kept coming back to me to not order it.  And this is coming from my husband who is receiving the award, wearing a suit from 10+ years ago.  I asked him if he needed a new suit and he insisted his was just fine. 

For me this is a hard gift to receive.  But it's from my husband and as his wife going to this ceremony he wants me there beside him in this dress. 

This morning I was reading this in my Bible time:
Romans 3:24 - being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus. 
And the Holy Spirit spoke to me truth.  Just like the gift that we received from Jesus, that is free for all who believe, I need to receive this gift from my husband.  Just like Christ sacrificed to give His very best for His bride, my husband is wanting to do this for me because he loves me.  It is a free gift, one that I do not need to do anything to pay back.  I don't need to find a cheaper way to make this night work.   It's a gift.  Receive it Kari. 
Receive the gift of Jesus.  It's free... and you don't have to pay Him back.  He loves you. 

So I will be wearing my new formal dress next weekend, to go be with my husband as he receives this award, and I will remember the gift of my Father sacrificing His Son to receive me and all who believes, and I will remember the gift of my husband who wanted to give me this dress out of love, and I will play Cinderella for a night. 
And then come back home to the reality of four children and my life in Oregon, and always remember the evening my husband insisted I be his princess.  And hope for the future when we get to go home to be with Jesus - what a celebration that will be! 

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