Saturday, August 11, 2012

The gift of friends to experience pregnancy with

One of the hardest things of not getting pregnant before we adopted, was seeing all my friends get pregnant, and not getting to share in the experience with them.  This was a little dream tucked away inside that I didn't even remember I longed for, until God gave it to me in a huge way. 

There was the phone call from Joy.  In January, she found out she was pregnant.  I began to hope a little bit that maybe just maybe God might let me and her be pregnant at the same time together. 

I got a phone call from my friend Lee, in the very beginning of February.  She was expecting!   She wanted to make sure to tell me before I went on my trip to Albuquerque. 

My friend April was pregnant.  A friend from Bible Study Alissa whom we all prayed for her fourth child, was pregnant with a child that God had the timing all worked out for.  Carissa was expecting.  Tanya... Breanna... Tricia, my dear infertility buddy who was expecting her third child ... ladies from church were finding out left and right they were expecting.  And I silently hoped and prayed that this time around I might be a part of this too. 

There was my friend Amy, who after some painful losses in her life we had prayed together on the beach and watched a beautiful sunset and hoped for a future of more children.  She was in the process of adoption and I was in the process of preparing to try to achieve pregnancy. 

Then when I found out I was expecting, a few weeks later my friend Sheri told me on a walk that she was pregnant too. 

And then at a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party my friend Erin told me she was pregnant. 

And my friend Monica... she felt that God had told her that we would be pregnant at the same time, and around the time of my baby shower, she shared the news she was going to  be having a baby too. 

I got to be a part of the pregnancy club.  For one time in my life,  God had given me not only the beautiful gift of pregnancy, but the beautiful gift of sharing in it with so many other beautiful mamas or mamas to be.  He had given me that dream, and fulfilled it when I didn't expect it.  And some of these beautiful mamas had to go through some loss before they got to be able to be pregnant, and that made my heart's joy so much more great.  I remember praying that no one around me would miscarry or lose a baby while I was pregnant, because I couldn't bear the thought of a friend going through that and I wanted us all to make it to the finish line of holding our precious little ones. 

Those are some of the best gifts.  When He takes those really hard times from our past and brings them back as a beautiful fulfilled gift.  I was so blown away and amazed at His faithfulness and goodness of giving me something like that. 

The littlest details of our heart really are important to Him. 

A baby boom prior, Joy was pregnant with her second, and my friend Erin was pregnant with her second as well.  Erin bought this beautiful dress to wear at a wedding.  And then she passed it on to Joy to wear.  I loved this dress and thought it was so cute.  Erin promised me that if I ever got pregnant, she would save it for me to wear.  When she said that I smiled but I figured that wasn't happening.  But the heart behind it meant a lot. 

They saved that dress for me, and as they passed around between all of us who were pregnant, it was our sisterhood of the traveling dress club, and I got to be a part of it.  Granted, being pregnant with twins, when it was my turn to wear it, I only got a few short times in it before I outgrew it, but it really was another awesome blessing. 

I just wanted to share that, to those of you with those dreams and heart's desires - commit those plans in the Lord.  He knows your heart.  He loves YOU so much.  And He wants to bless you in ways you don't expect in His time.  So make the most of today, and trust Him to take care of the details, regardless of the outcome, He has your best in mind. 

Here is a picture of me in the traveling dress outfit: 

Some of the beautiful pregnant women around me, shortly before I became pregnant

Joy just newly found out she was expecting

My friend Lee & I, when she was just a few weeks away from giving birth and I was a few months away.  She looked amazing! 

 Erin & Carissa expecting little ones very soon!

Sheri & Nathan right after giving birth to Caliana, who is exactly one month
younger than Mallory & Lena

Leanne's little Hadley with my Lena

 The girls :) 

Cousins:  Kaydence just five weeks older than Lena & Mallory

If you have any pictures of being pregnant with me or of yourself from around the time we were pregnant I would love to post them.  It is a beautiful reminder to me of the gift of friendship and camaraderie God gave me during this special season for me. 

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