Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An extra opportunity to love

Valentines day is my favorite holiday ever (with May day being a close second). I grew up in a family where my parents really made it special. One year my mom did a scavenger hunt with socks and chocolate... So many of my favorite childhood memories are wrapped around that day.

On my counter now is a bouquet of red flowers from my parents and chocolate and play do for my children that my sister just dropped off.

I know some people might say Why celebrate valentines day because you should love those around you all year long... Why need an extra day? I would like to say the same argument could be made for all other holidays aka why thanksgiving, why not be thankful all year? My heart behind the matter is why not take an extra day to show love? Love is God's greatest gift!

I think where valentine day gets a bad rap is when people put their hearts into being loved and receiving the extra attention and love, and when people ley them down they get heart broken and disappointed(not that I know this from experience or anything lol). Instead we need to turn it into a chance to look for those around us that could use the extra love and surprise them with an unexpected blessing... Or whatever God may lay on your heart.

I am a romantic at heart in a big way, and have had my heart broken on valentines day before. But I also know some of the best valentine days I had were when I got to take the focus off myself and put it where it needed to be: on loving God and through Him loving others. So I pray for you all today that God would bless you with a beautiful Valentines day, and encourage you to keep your eyes out for others that could use some extra love!

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