Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amazed at the way God works :)

I am beyond amazed.  The details that God allows to happen when we aren't even expecting or looking.

First, I have some exciting news to share.  Paul and Rachel, the couple that adopted our 8 remaining baby embryos (we call them baby snowflakes) gave birth to twin boys, on January 6th.  They named their boys Taylor Adam (Adam in honor of our last name, and Aiden James.  Rachel was amazing and did the birth as natural as possible with carrying twins.  I just read her birth story, and she is a trooper!  Definitely be praying for a good recovery and for rest for her and Paul as they adjust into life of being parents to two little boys.  :) 

Tonight, I got a text from my beautiful friend Monica Albaugh (if you are into blogs, hers is an amazing one to read - as she has four beautiful children, the youngest one was diagnosed at birth with Miller-Dieker Syndrome) that said that she just bought her ticket to accompany me to the Sally Clarkson conference in February.  The Lord gave me a companion, and I know I will be blessed by her presence on our trip :)  A whole weekend to glean, to listen to the Lord, to talk and see how God will direct us as we both seek His will to raise our families.   I am just so beyond blessed through that... 
as if that wasn't enough...

Back when I registered for this conference, Rachel and Paul invited me to come visit them while I am down there, and to meet their twins.  I messaged Rachel tonight, just wanting to see if it would be okay for my friend Monica to tag along on the visit.  Not only were they okay with it, they asked if I would go to church with them on Sunday Morning.  Aiden and Taylor are going to be dedicated to the Lord that morning, and they are going to share a little bit of their testimony.   The timing of this - God knew what He was doing when He told me a few months back I should go to California for the conference this weekend.  I had no idea all the little gifts He would be planning to shower me with while I am down there. 

Anyways, I just wanted to share all this joy that I have swelling in my heart.  Thank you for taking the time to listen :) 
I hope to write more in coming weeks...  my family comes first, but when God tells me to write, I do obey :) 
May God bless you with even the smallest surprises today!


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