Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I hate...

Yesterday, I don't know what was up, call it hormones if you will, lack of sleep I am not sure... but the top words that kept searing the roof of my mouth under my breath was "I hate...".
It started with the rain, on a day that I had to get in and out of the car with my children. I hate the rain. Then it traveled to rain boots that kept falling off Mal and Lena's feet. I hate rain boots. It traveled to their rain jackets, that were big and bulky and hard to buckle in and out of their car seats.... I hate rain jackets... I hate baby car seats, can't wait for them to be old enough for seatbelt ones. It went to my daughter's thanksgiving program, where i had to walk up and down the stairs with two little ones that kept tripping over their boots... I hate stairs. Then it traveled into the rest of the week. Overwhelmed by this weeks schedule... I hate this week. I hate having the children's school hours all off because of holidays. I hate that the twins have to have a whole day of language evaluation done today, into their naptime. I hate that the older children have to go to two different schools with two different schedules.
I became a regular Mrs. Bahumbug. I didn't even want to be near me.
But I really can't hate these things. Because I love the little girls feet that the rain boots kept falling off of. And I want to keep their cute painted toesies dry from the rain I love the little girl to be warm, and without those big bulky jackets they would be cold and wet. I love my girls to ride in their car safely, so without those special car seats they would not be very protected. I love my older children's schools, that they both have teachers that love Jesus and love my children and show them Jesus love. I could say I even love the rain, which provides me delicious water to drink and comforts me as I fall asleep at night so grateful for the protective roof over my head.
I just needed a moment to get my head on straight. Shelve the term "I hate" and replace it with so much thanks and things to be grateful for.
If i don't write anything else before Thanksgiving Day I want to wish you an amazing one with those you love, may you be able to truly whole heartedly give thanks to the Lord for the great things He has done.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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