Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feeling mighty blessed this morning.

I am so grateful that I have been given the priviledge of raising my four children.
I was just thinking about this morning, as I did all their hair while they ate their breakfast about this. 
I wanted to be a lot of things, and I feel like my job that I get to do now, is a way to express all the creative things I love to do, in a variety of ways :)
I wanted to be a hair dresser.  So God gave me four children to do their hair.
I wanted to be a photographer.  So one Christmas Nick bought me a really nice camera (along with the four pocket cameras that he has replaced from me breaking them over the years) and I get to document my family's life through pictures. 
I wanted to be a chef.  So I get to cook every night for my family.
I love to shop and find deals, think it would be fun to be a fashion consultant, now I have a bunch of people that I love to shop for. 
I wanted to be a writer, so now I have a blog to be able to journal out the stories in my life of God's faithfulness.
I wanted to be a singer when I was growing up.  Now I have 3 little girls who sing with me in the car and we can sing our hearts out to Jesus.  Maybe someday they will be the next Barlow Girl band ;) 

I really think this job is the best job in the world, because I can do all the things I love for those I love. 
I am so blessed.  SO blessed.  Because I know these are gifts.  And I remember the time I wanted them so badly and didn't have them.  I never want to forget that. 

For those of you that have little ones I pray you can hold them tight and show Jesus love to them, and for those of you aching for little ones, I pray that you can hold tight on to Jesus and that He can fill you with all you need in this moment. 
Have a beautiful Sunday morning!


  1. God has taken you and Nick through quite a journey since you met a sixteen. I love the way you look back on life and see the Lord's hand upon you!