Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Community holiday...

I have never taken my children trick or treating before. In the beginning when our family began, our church was young too, and they did harvest parties. I looked at it as a great way to spend an evening, worshipping Jesus, reading the Word with our children, and celebrating fall festivities, giving glory to God on a day that is not known for that.
We got into the habit of buying our kids cute animal costumes, and spending time with our church family.
Last year, our church made the decision to not have it, because it fell on a Sunday and would not mix well with the evening service.
So we had some friends and family over, enjoyed good food, did a candy hunt for the kids in our living room, and said hi to our neighbors that trick or treated, and just enjoyed our time as a family.
This year they announced again that the harvest party would not be happening.
We decided to have one family over for dinner, and mostly stick with the fellowship in.
We were debating about the whole trick or treating thing.
See, at church we have been hearing all these sermons on community, getting to know those around us, in our neighborhoods and schools, etc... However it seems we live in a neighborhood where everyone stays inside for the most part. So I have been wondering how this fits for me, a mom of four that mostly stays home with our children, or carts them to or from school.
Yesterday morning, Nick came down with the stomach flu. He was not a happy guy. So our plans for friends over got cancelled, and it became a night at home for just us Adams six. But then the kids started asking about trick or treating. Again, I am not a super huge fan of Halloween and all the demonic stuff that goes on that night, or in celebration of that night.
I had not mentioned the idea of trick or treating to the kids, Nick and I still were in debate over it. Last year we were at this stand still of not feeling a strong conviction either way, and not having peace about it, so we had chosen to say no because of that. But this year, I had peace. This year, I knew that it would be a great chance to meet all the neighbors. Community.
The kids wanted to take candy to the neighbors and give it to them, but after some confusion at the first house over it, we ended up nixing that idea. Ava was so excited to wear an orange light that she got from preschool that read "shine your light for Jesus.". We got to say hi to a lot of neighbors, and it ended up being a great way to spend time with my children. We came home, and had our Bible time together with a daddy who was starting to feel better.
I don't know if we will do it again next year, or if it was just a one time thing. I know we will pray about and make the decision for each year. But I am praying God can use that night of us saying hi to all our neighbors for His purpose.
I am glad we got to take a night that Satan so would love to take all the glory and instead love our children, and show Jesus love to our neighborhood.

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  1. I commend you for sticking to what you believe in, and seeking the Lord in prayer about it. For us, Halloween has never been a holiday that we felt "bad/guilty" about "celebrating". And, since it is now the day that Brae was also born on, it's kind of hard not to "celebrate" it. But, I do believe God gives some people "releases" that He doesn't give to others, and vice versa. You have to have peace about whatever decision you make. So proud of you!