Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 am hour, how i do not love thee...

Twins. We now have moved them into big girl beds, and at such a timely week being the week before daylight savings time. It is amazing how much they have learned since the crib to bed transition. I often wish i had a video camera for their room to see what they do when they wake up. Over the weekend Mallory learned how to open her bedroom. But she was gracious about it and would wait until close to 7 am to do that manuever.
Yesterday morning rolls around, and Nick and I wake up to a chorus of joyful skipping hopping girls saying "mama! Mama!" over and over again, at 5:50am Nick rolls out of bed and greets them at our door. Plan foiled, the twins get escorted back to their room sobbing a forlorn "mama, mama...".
I lay giggling in our bed as Nick tumbles back in mumbling something about that is just not the ideal way to get woken up, and goes back to sleep.
Nick left on an early morning business trip, and this time at 5:30am I hear noises down the hall, and come outto find a sleepy Josiah who informs me "Mom, I just saw the twins going down the stairs...".
Back to bed they go. I am not sure what they were headed off to do? Maybe take their toy grocery carts through my kitchen and unload my pantry into my cart? Well, at least that is what they did last week one day.
We have officially hit the toddler stages times two in this house. Guess it is time for me to go love my family. Just thought I would pass on this awesome experience of being woken up two morning in a row by awesome twin girls :).

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