Monday, October 24, 2011

A little update :)

I was asked if I could give a little update on how Paul and Rachel are doing. For those of you that don't know, they are the couple that adopted our remaining frozen embryos after we had the twins.
So, here the latest. Rachel is almost 27 weeks along in her twin pregnancy. They found out they were expecting twin boys. This amazing news shocked me, and has me curious as to what the remaining 6 are. :). We are super excited for them. They chose to name their little guys Taylor Adam and Aiden James. They chose the name Adam because they wanted to honor us in through the names in some way.
Definitely keep praying for them, as she approaches her third trimester carrying twins.

One side story that just has me blessed beyond words. I am headed to California for a weekend in February for a conference. Last night she just offered for me to come see them and meet the babies in person while I am down there. I want to make sure of course that she is feeling well after the birth, and just be sensitive to how things are going, but just the blessing that they are offering that as a possibility to me, just... Well no words can describe what that means to me, and just makes me again very grateful.

I just am delighting in how God does know our hearts and what is best for each of us.
May you be blessed and find delight in Jesus today.

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  1. You are an incredibly strong, brave, and gracious woman. Thank you for this gift you gave them. xoxo