Friday, September 16, 2011

A year ago today...

A year ago today I sat in a dr.'s office, being told we would need to take our baby of the family, Mallory, to an oncologist.  She had a big lump on her left side of her neck that was not going away, she had extremely low iron levels.  I had already taken her to have an MRI on this lump, and this was the next step.
When I started the new school year, I was overwhelmed.  I had hid myself under the covers on Labor Day afternoon, scared of the schedule that lay ahead of me for the year.  Fear had overtaken me.  I would be driving Josiah to school MWF, Ava to school T Th, doing homeschool with Josiah on T Th, and juggling two babies that were still taking two naps, and I didn't know how it would all come together. 
I wanted some one to help me.  Some one to pick up some of the driving slack, I fearfully anticipated the first day in a dreadful way.
Little did I know, that God was about to throw in a bunch of unexpected dr. visits. 
I quickly jumped in with both feet when Mal got sick.  suddenly the overwhelming moments of the kids schedules seemed like nothing compared to adding in the unknown of what was wrong with my baby girl. 
Amazing how my daily fears melted away when the reality of a bigger situation came forth. 

A year ago today was Nick and my 10 year anniversary.  We were planning on a family vacation with his side of the family, to go to Disneyland 2 days after our anniversary.  It seemed like a very special way to spend our 10 year, and it was a special gift from Nick's brother, to have the family together during that time. 

The night of our anniversary, Nick and I went out to dinner.  We barely made our reservation after swinging Mallory back by my parents home.  I didn't know what the next day would hold.  We didn't know why we were being sent to an oncologist at Emmanuel Hospital the next day.  We didn't know what was going on in little Mallory Joy's body.  We felt very close to the Lord though, and He covered us.  We ate our dinner that night with nothing feeling real to us - like it was this alternative reality that we were in, and we didn't know what the outcome would be. 

The next morning we sat with our little Mallory in the dr's office.  They ran a bunch of tests on her - Mallory got really good at having her blood drawn.  She would then nuzzle herself into me and I would hold her close. 
But then our dr. comes in, and asks us if we knew why we were here.  We did not. 
He melted our fears away in an instant.  "you are not here for the Oncology part of things, but the hematology part of things." 
Mallory's iron levels were low, and she needed to be treated for that. 
Relief flooded my heart. 
However, the lump was getting worse and tender to the touch, which meant "INFECTION"

After going to our next appointment at the ENT dr. (Ear Nose Throat Doctor) we knew that Mallory was going to need to stay home from Disneyland.  That she would probably be going in for a surgery if it got any worse. 

Plans changed quickly once again, and we began to work out details of me staying home with the babies keeping Mallory on watch for the infection getting worse. 

Not the way I planned my 10 year anniversary to go.  Not the way I planned my school year to go. 
But it began a year long lesson that God began to teach me on Provision.  PROVISION.  He provided everything we needed.  My children got to school, Mallory got to her appointments, the girls got the naps they could, we were surrounded by love and prayer with our church body. 

I was given a glimpse of what it would be like to have a child that was sick like that all the time.  My heart often thought of my dear friend Monica who had become a pro at this sort of thing. 

GOD has been my Provider through this year of my marriage. 
Now it is my 11 year anniversary today.  And I am grateful for healthy children, and that my husband has today off.  I don't know what the day holds, but I am going to enjoy every moment :) 

Happy 11 years Nicholas James Adams!  I am so grateful to God for every day with you!  Even the ones that weren't my favorites :)


  1. Love this post thankful the Mallory was healed and Happy Anniversary!
    I'm thankful when He allows me to catch a glimpse of how He is enough--
    He is my strength--
    The body of Christ lives out His love--
    All that grows my faith.