Friday, September 2, 2011

My weekend away

Break from the infertility journey for a present joy I am sharing :) 
Because I am grateful! 

I get to go away this weekend and run a half marathon :) 
I am SO excited!  I started running after I started to recover from my pregnancy with the twins. 
Last summer Nick got me a treadmill, so I sometimes would run inside, sometimes run outside.  But I discovered that I like to run :) 

Winter time right before my friend Tanya had her baby we started talking races we could this summer.  She suggested the Eugene Half for Women in September and within a month we were both registered. 

I guess I really want to share this, because of my vacation contemplating blog that I had written a few months back.  Although I still would love to go somewhere interesting and new, I have come to peace and even EXCITEMENT in the adventure that awaits me this weekend.  In Eugene of all places! 

To run a race that I have trained all year for and see how well I do.  To get to spend a weekend around 3 other ladies that I love and share in this adventure with them.  To be blessed by the companionship of Tanya and Aleena while my amazing husband watches my four children. 

God showed me complete satisfaction in this being more than enough for me - I am spoiled and blessed! 
Sometimes I put too much emphasis on planning, and not just looking for what God has for me to be able to do right in front of me. 

And hey, if He ever decides to throw that trip to someplace like New York in front of me, I won't complain ;)  But I am not going to dwell on it anymore.  This weekend I plan to live this life well :) 
Hope you all have a great labor day weekend! 


  1. 13.1 is such a great distance...I hope you have a fantastic first half...and lots of memorable girl bonding :).

  2. well done I hope you have a great time, God Bless