Friday, July 1, 2011

A Day in the sun...

Today I did it.  I braved taking all four of my children to a park, with water, in the beautiful sunshine today.  I was a little nervous of how it was going to go.  But I really wanted to make it a special day especially for Josiah and Ava.  And let's just say God totally blessed that desire - because we had so much fun.  Josiah and Ava were so excited when we pulled up to the park.  They kept saying over and over how they "loved this park" and "thank you mommy for taking us to this park." 
They ran and played on the playground equipment for a little bit, and then came back for their swimsuits and got ready to go play in the water.  I had Mallory and Lena's suits.  But I was again aprehensive.  I showed Mallory and Lena the suits and asked if they wanted them on, and they did.  And it was so cute! 

I loved watching my older two fly about from fountain to fountain in the water with so much excitement and joy.

I loved watching Mallory and Lena try out walking in the water, and walking around in their cute little suits. 

I loved watching Josiah and Ava take turns helping Mallory and Lena to test the waters out. 

I loved how Josiah wore his BIG brother shirt today because he wanted to surprise Mallory and Lena. 

I was so blessed to see all four of my children having a beautiful time outside.

I was so blessed to be able to take them to Costco afterwards and get them treats to share from the Food Court.

We of course had our stressful moments of getting back loaded into the car at the park, or 3 in a tiny stall at Costco with Lena needing to poop and not being able to with all the noise and distractions, but it was SO worth it all.  I just had to share, because it has been awhile since I felt like I had a "successful" mom day, where I could take all four children out and find so much joy in watching them all truly Enjoy themselves.  I hope for many more days like this down the road.  I am so BLESSED!  Thank you Lord! 


  1. quite an accomplishment! good for you!

  2. So fun to run into you on Sunday...such a cute little crew of blessing...loved reading through your adoption journey above as well...makes me want to look down that road again...just praying that we'll be open when/if He wants us to adopt again.