Sunday, May 22, 2011

To Disneyworld we go... Our HONEYMOON!

So, I have really been thinking and praying about how to write this out. Because, I want to be very sensitive to my marriage with Nick. But I think we both agree there is a lot we learned in this, and the reality of things not going as planned hit once again, so I will do my best. This actually will lead into a lot of areas in our marriage that we had to work through and sort out, but for now, we will just cover the honeymoon week.
We dreamed and talked about where we would want to go. We decided on Disneyworld, because we wanted to have fun. I remember looking through the different hotel resort options and Nick showed me the few he was thinking for us. There was one that was very cute = Dixie Landings(it's been remodeled and named something else now). I loved the French look to the buildings and the atmosphere seemed a little less kid like than some of the other resorts, which since we were on our honeymoon, although we did want it to be fun, we were also going for a little romantic.
So Nick took care of all the details. I think that is my favorite thoughts in this, is that he let me dream up ideas with him, and he took that and ran with it to create a very special time for us.
So, is the backdrop of planning. Honestly, I had spent a lot of time planning and dreaming up our wedding, and thinking about how much fun it would be able to have a vacation together and to start a home together and start a family together. But I didn't spend much time at all preparing for the three letter word essential to marriage. See, I didn't even type it out because that was how I felt about it. Extremely shy, not wanting to think about anything of that nature before we were married, because of wanting to keep my focus on purity of heart.

We were given some suggestions to read on the subject by our pastor, which Nick did, but I chose to not until after we would get married.

I can't really judge if this was the right decision or not, but I am going to share the outcome.

We got to our hotel by the airport and said good bye to our dads. Then we checked in and all of a sudden I was faced with the reality of what we were suppose to do next? And I got super nervous. I don't want to go into too many details of this, but a basic summary is that after staying up until 3am of me trying to not get nervous, we did not have sex, and we got a very short amount of sleep before we had to catch our plane that morning. It was a very bumpy start.

Then, around 12pm while we are on the airplane to Orlando, I felt a little funny, and I went to the bathroom to check things out, and I discovered my period just started. Yup, exactly what I had planned.
As soon as we got off the plane and got to a shuttle to escort us to our Disneyland hotel, my cramps were in full swing, and I was miserable and all I wanted was a bed. We couldn't get checked in quick enough. Once we got to our room, I dealt with my period pains in regular fashion in the privacy of our bathroom, and finally got into very comfortable clothes. Nick was amazing through all of this, and ordered us pizza for the night and we just stayed in bed and watched Disney channel eating pizza.

By the next day I was feeling well enough to try out one of the theme parks with Nick. But I was on my period the WHOLE WEEK.

Nick was patient in the beginning with me, but I recall one night of frustration in the intimacy area, where he told me that if I wasn't willing to try to be with him that we would need to see a counselor, and I told him I would never ever tell anyone about this and that we could just live together without it.

Slowly throughout the week the Lord helped me overcome all the anxieties and fears about this area, and I will say that by the end of the week we were able to come together and it was exactly what it needed to be to help me through what I was sorting through. But that first week was definitely not the best start in that area of our marriage and so many times I have wanted to go back to Disneyworld to redo our honeymoon now. But it is what it is, and although it was a really hard week it was really fun too.


  1. That's such a cute story...I love this beautiful peek into your relationship with Nick :)

  2. Thank you for sharing so honestly, Kari. People don't seem to talk about this (well, maybe there are books out there...I just haven't read them). As young women who have worked hard to guard their virginity and then walk into marriage, it can be difficult to transition and give it away without reserve. I, too, remember what it was like. I pray that your openness in talking about this will be an encouragement to other women and young brides or brides-to-be.
    Love you!