Friday, October 1, 2010

Engagement Story Part 1 Christmas morning...

Engagement Time

Six Years. Too Long. But we were almost at the finish line of this particular season of life.

I was patient. As patient as a little kid on Christmas day. Can I tell you opening a present early is never worth it. One year, when my brother and I were in elementary school, our parents put this wrapped box under the Christmas tree. We wondered what it might be. One night our parents left me in charge, and so, out came the scissors and the repair tape. We pulled out that rather large gift, addressed to everyone in our family. Could it really be what we had hoped for for this last year? We stared at it. Was it really worth it? We slowly and very carefully removed one side of the tape. Pulling down the wrapping paper on that side, there we saw it was... A Nintendo! With a power pad! We were esctatic. Quickly wrapping the present back up and returning it under the tree to it's positioned spot, we waited for Christmas day.

Christmas morning arrived... and as we opened all the presents one by one, we slowly worked our way through to that last box. My dad, pulled that box out, and he put it in front of Michael and I. But he didn't say we could open it. You know what he did? He spoke to us: "Do you have any guesses on what this might be?" he had a sparkle in his eyes. One that showed how much he had worked hard to give this to us. One that was ready to be delighted in the reaction of his children when they opened up this gift. Trying to hide our guilty faces, we came up with every other answer in the book than what we knew it was.

We opened it up, but let me tell you, it was not nearly as exciting as it would have been if we just had waited. If we just had been patient. Our parents didn't find out until several years later of our sneak peek confession, and we did enjoy the gift and used it all the time, but that is one moment in life I wish I could go back and have just been patient a few more days. Given my dad the full gratefulness of receiving the special gift that he deserved. that both our parents deserved.
Hmmm... thinking about that story, it is a good childhood illustration on why it is important to wait. To be patient. God's timing is much better than ours. As you will continue to see, this is a lesson God has had to teach me over and over and over again.
Okay, that was a side track, but I thought about it when I said impatiently waiting like a child on Christmas day, there it was waiting to be spilled out. So that is my one experience of peeking inside the presents.

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