Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Wedding Day

Heads up for any boy readers. There is talk of very girl issue stuff. So if you cringe at the thought of buying pads for your wife mom sister, and need to leave the room whenever girls talk about their feelings over a bowl of chocolate ice cream, this particular blog will not help your manliness, so skip this one and go watch some sports. For all you ladies – this is reality.

September 16th, 2000. That was the chosen day. Partly because I love September. My birthday is in September and I have only had it rain one time on my birthday in Oregon to my memory. So this day being 4 days before my birthday, I figured it was a good chance for a beautiful sunny day to get married in wedding bliss. I also did calculations… yes… based on my period. I had terrible periods – the first day or two these lovely monthly visits would put me in bed, accompanied by my Christy Miller Books, to help me cope with the pain. We are talking trips back and forth from bed to the bathroom feeling miserable.  It was very important to me that I did not feel like that on my wedding day. So based on my February cycle, September 16th was looking like the perfect Saturday to do this.

We were quick to reserve the church – after all I had been planning this wedding in my head for 6 years! It was the first thing I officially did. We had our date, we had the church, and I had strep throat.  Somewhere along the lines of the excitement of being engaged and getting sick with strep throat and going on antibiotics, my predictable period came two weeks late in March… setting myself up a perfect menstrual cycle arrival time right around the week of my wedding. I tried not to think about this as my wedding day came closer and closer.

You might ask, why not use the pill? I had personal convictions about the pill. I wanted to have the honeymoon baby. I was not going to “control” my ability to get pregnant, but instead set myself out to be in competition in numbers with the Duggar Family. I was ready to be married, ready to be a mom, so the pill was simply not an option for me. (Funny how God would teach me about “control” in this area in a very different way)

The week of the wedding came. The sun was beautifully shining every day, and we were working on final wedding touches. My dad picked out our leaving the church car, a Silver Dodge Sebring Convertible, and decided it really wasn’t much more to reserve it for a week instead of for the day, so he had it on hand to cart me around to all my last minute wedding trips.

I had my moments of last minute wedding jitters. Including going back out to look at wedding dresses one last time because I wasn’t in love with the one I had purchased. I ended up keeping it. We had fun moments like deciding to play the Addams Family Theme Song as guests were dismissed from the ceremony to the reception. And I was anxiously waiting for my period to show up. I even skipped a trip to the beach with my parents one day because I was so afraid it would come and I wouldn’t be near my bed. I so wish I had just gone to the beach that day.

Rehearsal night came, and no period in sight, so the festivities began. We had a fun rehearsal – where I learned where to hold my flowers, and how to slide a ring on a finger if it gets stuck (which during the ceremony mine did). We had a beautiful homemade rehearsal dinner put on by Nick’s mom and several of her friends, with scrapbook pictures scattered all across the tables of us and people that we loved. Nick had to take toothpicks out of an apple and tell one thing he loved about me for each toothpick. I ate the apple at the end. Then I went home that night for a quiet night to sleep in my own bed one last time in my parents’ home.

The next morning I woke up bright and early. The wedding was set for 2pm, we gathered up all our belongs and headed to the church. The morning was filled with doing hair - I did a lot of hair, because it was my secret dream to be a hairdresser and I loved to do fun styles. I had my Mary Kay makeup that had been chosen for me a few months prior. White shoes without a black heel, in honor of Nick’s Papa. (The night before Nick’s mom got married as she knelt before a table to take communion, wearing her wedding shoes with black heels, he would not stand for it and off they went to go purchase shoes without black on them). My something blue which was periwinkle blue toes. My something borrowed was a previously worn garter from Nick’s family. My something old was my beautiful engagement ring, and my something new was my dress.

My bridesmaids made me a beautiful scrapbook filled with pictures and they each read me a beautiful letter that they had written to me that made me cry. They filled the atmosphere with singing “Going to the Chapel” and they all scurried around putting on their handmade periwinkle blue bridesmaid dresses with matching sandals. I had picked out periwinkle as my wedding color because it represented royalty, and being a part of God’s family is as royal as you can get.

And no period. It didn’t make it’s entrance that day. Praise the Lord – but that is a story for another blog.

We did our pictures before and after the wedding – because Nick and I had chosen to wait for the ceremony to see each other. I was kept hidden downstairs while our church gym filled up with so many wonderful people whom had loved and supported and prayed for us through the years.

The ceremony started with worship. Then the wedding party entered. And Nick’s parents sang a song by Wayne Watson called “Somewhere in the World” a song about praying for your son’s future wife.  Then it was my time to walk down the aisle. The last thing I remember my dad saying to me before he took me down, was that his suit had been the wrong size for him and they had to get it fixed. My sweet dad whom had loved me all those years walked me down the aisle to hand me over to the care of my future husband.

It felt so surreal. Everything. I did not feel like it was me walking down the aisle. I did not feel like it was me on the platform stage with Nick saying my vows. I sang to Nick a song at my wedding that I had written for my future husband back when I was 16, when I was just getting to know Nick. My friend Aly accompanied me, Nick started to cry and then I choked for a second, closed my eyes and as Aly strongly carried the song in that moment I picked up all courage and finished it.

Next thing I knew, we were man and wife, and Nick was going to kiss me! For the first time. I all of a sudden became very nervous and very shy, and as he went to kiss me he clasped my face in his hands and gave me a very sweet simple first time kiss. Then he kissed me one more time. I looked around and saw my bridesmaids waving wildly these Olympic style rating cards for our kiss, and the groomsmen all standing very stoic and respectful to this moment, and I felt very blessed to be surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to God’s goodness in our lives, separately and together to finally bring us to this moment of becoming man and wife.
The next moment we walked down the aisle and Nick kissed me a few more times, then we came back for final pictures and then we went to our cake reception.

We had a round of toasting – which there was some very sweet and sentimental ones, and then ones that brought everyone laughing – including one from John Price about being and Intel employee, and a three page toast from Nick’s brother, Sam. I will never forget the words at the end of his toast. It was a hope, that on this day, that it would be the day that we would love each other the least. Those words have stuck to my heart over the years and it is so true, that over time, love develops and you can take the hard times and make things harder, or you can choose for them to be what creates beauty and depth in your love.
That is my desire in my marriage to Nicholas James Adams, that we will choose the path of beauty and depth through trials and joys.

We cut our cake, our guests had fun chinking their glasses to have us practice at kissing, and then we spent the rest of the ceremony greeting everyone and thanking them for coming. Seriously we were so blessed by the love everyone showered on us that day.

We had decided to have Nick’s dad and my dad drive the convertible for us, and take us back to our new home together, to get our bags for our honeymoon, and then take us to a hotel by the airport where we would catch a shuttle the next morning and head to Disneyworld!!! Our convertible drove up for us to depart, decorated with simple just married written all over the open windows, pop cans to drag on the ground to be noise makers (which my dad promptly removed 10 seconds after we were out of sight of the church) and little wedding bells. It was very cute and tastefully done, and my dad and Al, both dressed in their tuxes in the front seat, made a mutual agreement that all the decorations would be removed as soon as they dropped us off at the hotel, to not send out any wrong messages about our dads for their drive back to the church to pick up their WIVES.

So we left that afternoon – that beautiful sunny warm 80 degree afternoon, filled with memories that all blurred together into a really special day, and headed towards the next big thing… our honeymoon. 

But that story will definitely need to wait for another day and time.

Thank you for letting me share the joy of this day with you.